About Us

We are dedicated to bringing you the best possible products.  We are wallet friendly as well as paraben and cruelty free!

We are not here to follow trends, but to make a change! Our company finds ways to sponsor meaningful events with our products and give back to those in need. Offering a variety of great sales to our customers so you can save on our products.

 Aside from being a beautiful brand, it’s not just about makeup.  It’s important to uplift and motivate those around us.  We believe the way you look on the outside should match how you feel on the inside, BEAUTIFUL!   

Beauty starts within and everyone deserves to smile.  The Sugar Case will make that happen…one lipstick at a time! One customer at a time!


Meet Our Team


The Sugar Case Founder and CEO 

LaShirrelle Fisher

Pictured above wearing "Let's Chill" Liquid Matte Lipstick


Our founder, LaShirrelle Fisher, has a 20 year background in foster parenting, 15 years in operations management, and another 10 years in the hand making of    personal beauty care products.
Wanting to stick to her passion of helping others and love of makeup made with only cosmetic safe ingredients, she found a way to incorporate all she has learned along her journey into a single brand.  Finally creating The Sugar Case.


Email Marketing Manager
Shakea Parker
"Gettin' Money" Liquid Matte Lipstick is her go-to!



"After earning my Bachelors degree in Psychology, I explored my passion of Human Services, Sales, and Data Entry. In addition to my primary job functions,    I am recognized for having creative ideas and a strong commitment to our customers!" - Shakea Parker


Social Media Manager
Alyssia Ortega
"Soft Rose" Lip gloss is her absolute favorite!


"Beauty and creativity have been interests of mine since I was young. I couldn't be more excited to work with a Cruelty and Paraben free company with values that match my own. These pigments and vibrant shades allow you to feel like a makeup artist and not like you are just applying makeup. When you get to share works of art with the world, it no longer feels like work". - Alyssia Ortega



Stay Sweet, 

The Sugar Case Team!